If you can read this, thank a teacher with these homemade teacher gift ideas!

In my line of work coming up with homemade teacher gift ideas is easy.

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Dear Teacher
Lila Kennedy

I love my job as an Art Teacher. No, it's not because of June, July and August! I like being with kids. They have great ideas and I really think they keep me young. Kids come up with the darnest things as they say, and I can attest to that first hand.

Being an art specialist I come into contact with many different kids, parents, teachers and staff members everyday. I work with them all.

So naturally, I have parents constantly asking me, "What do you think Mrs. Smith would like for a teacher thank you gift?" Or "It's teacher appreciation week and we want to make the teachers a gift, what is an easy homemade teacher's gift idea?"

Teachers really need to be commended on the job they do on a daily basis. Many of us pour everything we've got into those developing minds with the lessons we plan and the projects we do with the kids.

What better way to show your appreciation than with a homemade teacher appreciation gift? Your gift by no means needs to be big and expensive. A simple homemade thank you card is really nice.

Or a whole class can be involved in one large gift. Take up a collection of money from the students in the class. Secretly of course, and purchase the teacher a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant.For the holidays, the class can collect pictures and print a series of Cards for him or her.

Homemade Teacher Gift Instructions:

Insulated Drink Cup

Candy Bouquet

Teacher Survival Kit

Gardening Gift Basket

Homemade indoor herb garden idea.

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