Need a special way to say thank you?

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Sometimes saying thank you very much with words or a card just isn't enough. I always feel so grateful and that I am surrounded by people who are always doing nice things for me. A little gift of gratitude goes a long way. People like to feel appreciated. I know I do! No good deed should ever go unnoticed.

Maybe you are appreciative to someone for his or her business. What better way to get a customer's repeat business than with a small handmade gift? Perhaps you can personalize the gift and make it even more special. Homemade note cards are always nice too.

Check in this homemade gift section for some fun easy gift ideas that tell someone they are dino-mite! When you say "Thanks" to someone always remember to:

* Tell the person specifically what it is you appreciate and why you appreciate it. "Thanks for letting me borrow that book. By borrowing it, I didn't have to buy it and that saved me a lot of money. I really appreciated it!"

* Send a hand-written thank you note. E-mail is quick and easy and usually most people's communication of choice. Hand written notes are so special because people rarely take the time to sit down and write anything by hand. Then to send it through the mail these days is really something that most people have gotten away from.

* Take the time to give someone an unexpected phone call. Hearing a happy, appreciative voice on the other end of the phone line will really make someone's day.

* Put a candy bar or soda on the desk or in the mailbox of the person to be thanked, with a note of thanks. Who doesn't like a little sweet surprise?

* Buy the person you are thanking a gift certificate to their favorite place. A coffee shop, a bookstore, a restaurant. The gift certificate doesn't have to be for a huge amount of money either. $5.00 is plenty for just a little thank you!

* Bake something! Cookies always do it for me! Someone brings me cookies and let me tell you... they can expect me to do a favor for them again! Cookies in a jar are fabulous because you can make a few up ahead of time and when you need a little something the say thank you, they are ready to grab.

* Brag up the person who did you the favor. Tell the people around you the great thing that person did for you. It will definitely get back to the person you are thanking. How nice to hear from someone else that you appreciated the kind sentiment!

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