No money to buy expensive gifts? Try this thrift shop gift idea!

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Times are tight! Here's a thrift shop gift idea that's a lot of fun and makes you get a little creative. Let's face it, I don't know about you, but I know I don't have a money tree growing in my yard. I'm sure if I did, the neighbors would wish for windy days and cash to blow into their yard. Until that happens I will keep the title of thrift store queen. Seriously, I love stores like Goodwill. It's kind of like treasure hunting.

So here's a homemade gift idea that will put those treasure hunting skills to use. At your next gift exchange get together with all of those involved.

Set a price limit for the gift exchange. $5.00... $10.... whatever. Just keep it modest.

Then make it a rule that the entire gift MUST come from a thrift store, a consignment shop, Goodwill, whatever. It has to be a thrift store gift!

You can make a gift basket from what you find. You may have to visit a few different thrift places to come up with your very frugal gift. You may be surprised at the cool stuff you can find. You have to be in the mood to dig around a little bit and have plenty of time to browse around. This isn't an in and out shopping experience. Take your time and have fun.

Some Thrift shop gift ideas:

Put together a kitchen basket: Find a roasting pan or larger size pot. Fill it with cooking utensils, kitchen towels, other dishes, a cookbook?

What about buying a new outfit? Make sure you know the person's size and shop away. Find them a new up to date outfit for very little cash. Add the jewelry and accessories as well!

Find a new house wares item: A new lamp, chair, small appliance. Even if it's sort of silly. I mean really, we are having fun here!

Let you imagination run wild. Make sure to stay with in the price range agreed upon. It's easy to go over the agreed amount when you really get into the shopping part.

Remember, just have fun!! You may be surprised and find a little something for yourself.

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