This Strawberry Hand Print Tile Trivet Is Just What Every Cook Needs!

These hand print ceramic tile trivets are so cute. With a little help from an adult any child can make these.

Ceramic Strawberry Hand Print Trivet


6X6 white ceramic tile

Red acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint

Small foam paint brush

Small regular paint brush

2 small containers for paint

Black permanent marker

Krylon clear spray paint

Ceramic Trivet Instructions:

1) Wipe off tile and make sure it is clean and free of fingerprints.

2) Use foam brush and red acrylic paint to paint 1 hand. Press hand down on the tile at a diagonal.

3) Use small regular paint brush and the green acrylic paint to paint 3 little leaves at the top of the palm of the hand print.

4) Let all paint dry.

5) Use a black permanent marker to draw small dots on the red hand print for strawberry seeds.

6) Use the black permanent marker to write Berry Best Mom on the sides of the hand print and at the bottom of the fingers.

7) Spray a very thin layer of Krylon clear spray paint on tile and let thoroughly dry. Add 2 more coats the same way.

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