Tile mosaics are beautiful and easy to make as garden stepping stones.

Indirect method stepping stone

Supplies for tile mosaics stepping stone:

Box whatever size you like

Clear contact paper

Mosaic pattern

Tile or stained glass

Polished river stones

Pea gravel


Glass/tile nipper

Safety goggles or glasses

Rubber gloves

Printed out image or letters

Patch type concrete (No stones)

Regular concrete

Tile Mosaics Instructions:

1) Print out letters or image you would like to use for your mosaic.

Remember, words need to be printed backwards so that when the stone is flipped over they will read left to right.

2) Place in the bottom of your box.

3) Cut clear contact paper to fit inside the bottom of the box.

4) Peal off paper so that the sticky side faces up and you can see your image through the contact paper.

5) Break glass or tile into small pieces.

6) Start placing pieces onto the sticky side of the contact paper over the image. Try to fill in as much space with the already broken pieces as possible. You will be cutting small pieces to fit where needed later.

7) Try to place pieces close together without touching.

8) If you have areas where you have large gaps nip tiles or glass to make pieces so they will fit inside of these areas.

9) Fill in background areas with polished river stone where you would like. Use pea gravel to fill in the rest of the areas in the background where you would like.

10) Mix up enough of the patch type concrete to go over the tiles and fill the box at least a half inch up the side of the box. Gently tap to box on the ground to get any air bubbles out of the cement.

11) Mix up some of the regular concrete and pour it over the patch concrete. Once again gently tap the box on the ground to get out any air bubbles.

12) Let the cement cure for 24 hours.

13) Gently tear sides of box so that the stepping stone can be taken out of the form.

14)Flip over stone carefully and lay on a flat surface tile side up. Use a cloth of wet sponge to clean off unwanted cement off of glass and tiles.

15)Let curing of cement continue for 24 - 48 hours before placing in garden.

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