This watermelon shark tutorial will make you the star of any potluck

Watermelon Shark Ingredients You Will Need:

Whole watermelon

Other fruit of choice for fruit salad(I used watermelon, honeydew melon, blueberries, grapes, canned tropical fruit salad and strawberries)

Paring knife

9X13 glass pan (you can use a metal one as well. I just like how you can see the colorful fruit through the glass.)

Tooth Picks

Watermelon Shark Sculpture Instructions

1) Cut the bottom of the watermelon so that it will sit up vertically. (The long way up and down)

2) Cut a V-shape out of the top part of the watermelon.

3) Use part of the green rind you cut out from the mouth for the shark's fin. Cut 2 triangles the same size using your paring knife.

4) Empty the watermelon fruit from the rind.

5) Remove the green part of the rind from the rectangle mouth exposing the white of the rind.

6) Using the paring knife, cut rectangles for teeth.

7) Break 2 toothpicks in half. Using the toothpicks attach the the triangles to the shark's back.

8) Cut a shape like

on each side of the shark head. This is your shark's eye socket.

9) Break one toothpick in half. Push each toothpick into the middle of the eye socket shape leaving part of the toothpick sticking up from the eye socket. Gently push a blueberry onto the end of the toothpick for the eye ball.

10) Use the fruit you chose to make a simple fruit salad. Fill the inside of the watermelon with the fruit salad as well as place it around the outside of the shark in the 9X13 glass pan.

There you have it. A creative fruit salad so good it's scary!

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